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Full Version: Why Does My Ford Fiesta 1.4 Ztec Tdci Keep Flattening Its Battery
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Dear All, Can anyone help? If my Son's ford fiesta 1.4 ztec tdci special edition is left for a period of more that 48 hours, without running the engine, it flattens its battery? We have checked all the obvious that no lights are left on and have even gone to the lengths of turning off the auto headlights wipers and anything else "auto" just in case these circuits are faulty and putting a drain on the battery. We have also replaced the battery in case the recent spell of cold weather had caused the original battery to fail? when you do a current test from the battery with the ignition off the current drain appears normal i.e. powering the alarm system clock etc? I had the car recovered yesterday, under warranty by the AA, to our local Hendy ford dealership, unfortunately the AA scout did not do as I had asked and just recover the vehicle in the condition it was in (I wasnt at home when he picked up the car) and got the car started. He also reset the diagnostics so when it arrived at the garage they have told me they cannot find a fault!....very frustrating why cant people just do as they have been asked!!?? Now we are waiting for Hendys who are going to keep the car over the weekend to see if the fault reappears!! Any help would be much appreciated. All the best, Dave
Did you do a voltage check while the engine was running? It should give you around 14v. It could be your altenator has gone or the connections to it.

Also check your earth straps are clean and bolted tight.

However only being a 2008 car I would have thought these should be OK.
Does the Fiesta have a boot light? If it's low down in the rear compartment, is the light actually extinguishing when the boot's closed? Glovebox light?
Hi, my Fiesta's battery was totally flat this morning. I've only had it two weeks and it was fine on Saturday. I have this unusual switch on the dash. The garage where I bought it from said the heater wouldn't work unless it was on - also found out the indicators wouldn't work either, so kept it permantly on. Found out this morning from the mechanic that looked at if for me that there was something slowly draining the battery when the switch was off - even if the car was turned off and nothing left on. Advised they could try to trace the drain but considering the previous owner had this switch fitted seems that they also had this problem. They fully charged the battery and there is no drain so long as I keep the switch off. Never heard of this before - neither had the mechanic, they'd never seen anything like it! So, will have to learn to turn the switch off when leaving the car! Don't know whether this will help you, but seems to be a similar problem to mine.
If I was you, I would probably sell up and buy a different one. If they had to fit a switch for an issue that disables the relays, then what other problems do you not know about?
Sorry to say but personally if I'd seen a random switch on the car then I'd have looked elsewhere.
I'm sorry to say Jassy but I think someone sold you something citrusy and yellow.
Hi Do you have access to a multi meter .You need to go on amps from negative battery post to negative lead disconnected and after a a period when the ecus shut down the amps should be 10 -20 milliamps probably supposed to less than that but .5 of an amp or more will kill the battery in 2 - 3 days .once you know how much its drawing let me know Paul

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