Good morning all,

I don't really know alot about electrics, only the basics really. But what I'm trying to do is bodge together a central locking kit with central locking from another car lol. Basically it's a Mk3 fiesta and ive stolen all the door locks from a SI.

I've worked out what wire does what and got a cheap kit that I can technically use to kick the door motors. The problem I have is that the power that the kit puts out to kick the lock doesn't last very long and the door lock can't run it's full cycle. If that makes sense? So when I push the lock remote button it will send a power feed for less then a second. But the lock itself needs at least one seconds worth of power.

Is there any way of getting this to work? Can you buy something that will hold the power charge that split second longer? Or maybe increase the power slightly making it work faster?

Or am I just chatting crap again and I should just give up on this and go back to bed