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Full Version: Mondeo Tdci Fault Code Meanings - Limp Mode?
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Keith Bauer
hi there
im looking for some guidance, i have a ford mondeo tdci 02 plate
the glow plug light is constantly flashing and it seems to be in limp mode
i have had a diagnostic reading and the following codes are stored and cannot be erased
could anyone tell me in laymans terms what this means and how to go about fixing it
Hi, I'd assume because you're getting a knock warning that it's a petrol engine?

I reckon that your fuel pump is on the way out.
Keith Bauer
hi there
its a TDCI 130
it looks like number one injector is playing up hence the above knock threshold, it could require recoding or replacing, without further testing its hard to say.
[quote name='Keith Bauer' timestamp='1332094726' post='173227']
hi there
its a TDCI 130
You shouldn't have a knocking problem then as Diesels don't have a spark plug and detonate purely on compression.
Possibly an injector fault or as i said before - the pump timing is out.
I blieve your fuel pump has failed, butting bits of metal fillings into th fueling system knocking out 1 injector already. this can happen when putting petrol in by accident or when the fuel is left to run low.

i would get a mechanic to double check first but if this is the issues then youll need to replace the following:
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filter
Fuel Lines
fuel rail
injector lines

best bet is to have the fuel filter removed and the contents emptied into a jar to check for metal fillings.

[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1332096328' post='173233']
You shouldn't have a knocking problem then as Diesels don't have a spark plug and detonate purely on compression.
Possibly an injector fault or as i said before - the pump timing is out.

There is a knock sensor on the TDCI. The ECU uses it to fine tune the injector timing and pre-injection settings to reduce noise and 'knocking'. If it 'sees' a cylinder with unexpected noise charactoristics it's usually because it can't get the injector to behave. I would recommend an injector leak-off test and pump test - injector 1 may be failing.

If you do have the horrible pump cam lobe breakdown as someone has suggested, tiny black matallic particles in the fuel filter is another tell-tale. Cut it open (not with a hacksaw or drill, obviously !!) and use a strong magnet to test the residue. I do hope it is not that, unless you really love the car at that age the best economic fix is to part-ex.

Pump timing is a problem for mechanical injection systems.
TDCI is a common rail diesel and therefore the pump is not timed. It just pumps and the piezo injectors provide the timing control. The pump test I suggested should show up cam lobe wear as a worn pump will be unable to reach the specified pressure. However, at that stage of pump wear you would probably be experiencing difficult starting as well.

Best of luck, Kieth.
In all honesty if i was to buy another car i think i would give the mondeo a miss, you read the various reviews around and the traders rate them but i think their opinions are one sided bulls**t. I don't think i have ever heard of a model of car that suffers from so many major faults, if its not the pump its the injectors and if its not those its the DMF or auxiliary assembly.
I have had my trusty astravan for 5 years and only the alternator failed on it and that was last year, other than that the car has been great. Fuel economy is pleasing and the services are always cheap and easy to do, no dodgy sensors, injectors or fly wheel to break apart at any time and yet i still can get 55mpg from the 1.7TD engine without it missing a beat. The luxuries may not match up to the mondeo but the van is by far the better vehicle in my opinion.
Hi I had a problem my 02 tdci 130bph mondeo p2336 i had the injecters pressure tested they came back fine it took 4 mechanics and 2 ford garages to find the problem the electrics in the no 1 injecter were nackerd I replaced it with 2nd hand 1 from 140bhp mondeo and just changed the tip and it worked fine

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