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Full Version: Bonnet Lock, Ford Focus Ghia 2005
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Advise required please,
My Wifes focus is due its MOt and service on Thursday, after carrying out the usual checks i went to open the bonnet with the ignition key and i was unable too. The key goes in but it does not seem to catch ,and although there is a little movement in the key in the lock, nothing happens, any ideas how to get it open, please do not suggest a crowbar :P
My wife has had the car since new and covered only 19800. miles it needs running in..


Sorry if this sounds like I am teaching you to suck eggs but are you turning the key anti-clockwise to release the bonnet to the catch and then clockwise to release it completely?

Again apologies if you already know, but you would be surprised how many people dont know how to open a Ford bonnet.
you are right to ask the question , but yes im doing it right, its typical of the car, i have an extended warranty with ford which includes 3 services and free MOT,s , As you can tell by the miles it sits on the drive alot,
It will obviously have to be repaired by the dealer.
Ive just been out again to see if there is any play in the bonnet to push down or pull up but there is not, and you have to really careful not to put a dent in the bonnet with your hand as the metal is very thin.
Unlike my car witha fibre glass bonnet.
Thank you for taking time to at least throw an idea at me.
contacted the main dealer and i was told that this is a common fault. New to me !
They quoted me £280.00 for a new assembley and new front grill. They have to break the front grill as its the only way in.
I can do that , looking around ebay, new grill £35.00 new lock and assembley £44.00 and i dont know how much a locksmith would charge me for setting the lock the same as my key .
It must worth a try,im not a mechanic but im sure i can remove a front grill and lock assembley without too much trouble and save myself nearly £200.00 in the process.
any advise would be appreciated
thank you
I think at that price I would have a go myself as well.

Good luck with it.
Have you tried with a bit more force in turning the key.. I know mine sometimes plays up and it needs that little be extra when turning
Get some graphite grease or copperslip in there and work the key in and out a few times.

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