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Full Version: Alloys Painting..
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Im having my alloys painted the weekend...

Im unsure wheather to have them painted black or purple.

Heres a picture of my car.

What do you guys think?
What is it with purple lately.
My wife and nieces are nuts for anything that colour.
Have you thought about a dark anthracite? Surprisingly they do look quite nice against a black car and you don't have to keep applying tyre dressing to the tyres. Compared to having the black wheels and dull tyres against the wheels. Just an opinion though, the black would still look nice :)
I wouldn't paint them purple! It may be your favourite colour but if you ever want to sell the car, remember that not all people like purple. At least if you paint them black it's a neutral colour & most people would like it. Black wheels would also look cool on a black car. Hope this helps.
I jus wanted to knw if the standard steel rims frm a ford focus 2000 can go on da newer shape focus 2005
I jus wanted to knw if the standard steel rims frm a ford focus 2000 can go on da newer shape focus 2005
Unfortunately saying the car is a 2005 causes a bit of confusion.
A 2000 focus is a mk1, 2002 to early 2005 is a mk1 facelift or mk1.5, mk2 is late 2005 to early 2008.
Mk1 /1.5 is a four bolt hub, mk2 onwards is a five bolt hub.
If your car has four bolts then no problem as far as I'm aware.
no i havnt thought about dark anthracite, but il have a look now thanks for the sugegstion.

& i like the black btu not sure if it would look to much like a boys car. I thought the purple would make it a bit more girly.
You could balance the black wheels with some fluffy cushions on the parcel shelf. ;) -running for cover now...
Thats far to girly!! haha.
Ive had a suggestion of painting the alloys black and then doing the shiny overcoat in purple n black mixed paint.

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