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Full Version: Sucking Noise
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Can any one help?
My 06 TDCI 1800 focus makes a weird sucking noise when I excelorate, then stops when I take foot off gas!

I'm not sure - It could all be in the mind - but think I am getting a smell like like a blocked hoover!!!

Many thanks.
is it a sucking noise or whirring ?
if its a sucking noise:

there is a air intake at the front under the bonnet (to the right at the top of the headlight, between the ford badge and the passenger side headlight) that takes the air to the bottom of the air box, the scop has a pipe that goes to just underneath the battery, at the bottom of the batter the pipe connects to another pipe, this other pipe joins the bottom of the airbox, the pipe that joins under the battery to the bottom of the air box has probably fallen off (why Ford didnt just do it as once peiece ill never know)

Have a look :)
Its Deffo a sucking noise! it almost sounds like heaters been turned up to 4! or like a boost to the fan. it only happens when you excelorate!
i had this a while back...basically as above, you have a disconnected hose or split hose. same car (1.8tdci 2006) basically open the bonnet as you look in - left hand, top of the engine is a thick black rubber pipe. it will bend from front of car to right hand side. put your finger (engine off) into the inside bend of this rubber may find a split. new pipe from dealer is around £40 mark. you can get far cheaper if you know the dimensions, of the net.
It might be worth popping open the bonnet and getting someone to rev the engine while you stick your head in for a listen, I was driven mad until I traced a similar noise down to be a pipe going to the PCV valve, I managed to fix my poor starting and oil burning in the process.

Just a thought anyway :)

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