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Full Version: Shudder And Bang
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Have a focus cmax 07 35k miles and runs fine until a few days ago. Started to shudder and struggle a little seeming to lose power and engine management light came on. Took it to a local small garage and identified a coil issue. Bought a new one and fitted for 80 (not bad I thought). Light reset and 24hrs later back on so garage suggested could be plugs and leads so replaced and light off. Problem is it seems to ge as bad as it was with a shudder at low speed and a bug shock when I heard a bang and sounds like it came from engine. Going to take it back to garage but tonight engined popped twice. Really worried and a mate said could be an issue with the injector and not burning the petrol. Absolutely clueless and need help. Ta
Could be a faulty coil. Was it a Ford one or an after market one. Ive had problems where they dont communicate properly with the ECU and could only get a genuine one to work properly.
Hi the coil was not a ford branded and cost 42. The guy warned me of potential issues with the coil as a know problem. Said its covered by a warrantee so I assume I can get it replaced and maybe pay extra for a ford one. Would that explain the loud band I've heard a few times.
Retarded spark igniting the fuel/air mix in the manifold.
Hi guys
The mechanic says the ECU oh knackered and causing the coil to blow. Says it could be expensive to fix and after reading a bit on the web looks like the problems it causes could be the issue. I bought the car from fordthorne car dealership 6mths ago and had a 3mth warrantee but now 3 mths out of it. If my mechanic says its pricey I'm not going to be happy as he says it's a know prob with this model. Will complain to the garage I bought it from. Any advice on the ECU

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