Hi again,

My 2008 Focus is going for it's second MOT in June, and all being well in the finance department, was going to get it serviced aswell, and a wee rust patch seen to before it becomes a headache. It's the ffirst time i will have put the car into the [any] dealer to have any work done because i bought a manufacturers warranty when i bought the car. With my old car [a wee 2001 1.25 Feista] i was only £117 for an MOT - but that was done at a local garage which our family had used to have any work done on cars.

I was just interested to know what sort of costs to expect - the dealer [Macklin Motors] advertise a £99 service and MOT - but what sort of costs [obv labour] should i expect on top of this?

Also, here's a pic of my old car...just thought i'd through that in there!