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Full Version: Ford Ka 1.3 1999 - Wont Start When Engines Hot
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I've got this problem can anyone help me to diagnose the problem..

The Car Starts No Problem when cold,it was revving up and down on its own without touching the accelerator
Got told it was the idle air control valve,which i changed still doing the same problem,so i disconnected the battery and reset the ecu
problem is once the car gets hot and you turn it off it wont start,you have to wait 10 mins to let the engine cool down a bit then it will start straight away
im just at a loss now just cant figure out if its the coil pack,or the cooling temp sensor,or is it the ecu..

Any help would be greatly appricated


Seems Like no one can help me,so my ka is ready for the scrapyard

Will Appricate if anyone can come up with anything

Darren T
Try the coolant temp sensor or clean the maf ( mass airflow meter ).
Thanks I'll Check The Maf
Darren T
Your welcome, Give mass airflow meter a very gentle clean using carb cleaner. DO NOT put any pressure on the thin wire that runs across it or it will snap.

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