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Full Version: Engine Management Light
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fintious maximus
Hi guys,

Whilst out driving just now the Engine Management Light decided to come on (not flashing, just steady light). Got it home andplugged my OBD2 scanner in to the plug under the stearing wheel in the footwell and it showed one fault. When I pressed the button to list the fault code it just said n/a but with 1 fault.

Am I missing a trick here? Will my car be programmed to have codes read? I have a 99 Volvo that it works on so as there is a scanner plug I assume it should work.

Any help please would be appreciated. Also,I assume that it's okay to drive?

Don't suppose disconnecting the battery would clear it? Had a Citroen that did that trick
fintious maximus
Okay, out of curiosity I disconnected the battery and reconnected after 15 minutes and light has gone out. Been out for a 20 minute drive and all is well.

Whilst I my have sorted it for now at least I'm keen to know how these things work re scanning tools and bttery disconnects etc. Also what the fault could likely have been? Do they glitch often and have simple fixes?

Any experienced Ford peeps that can advise.

The ECU should store any fault codes so you might have to take it for a diagnostic test.
fintious maximus
Just rescanned it and shows no codes. I guess wait and see if it happens again.

Should this car be able to be read with OBD2 though? Can't understand why it showed a fault but had N/A as the code.

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