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Full Version: Fault Codes On 2.0 Tdci Mondeo
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Hi there,

new to site...I have a tdci mondeo, 51 plate, which I have owned for a few years now...I have had a catalogue of work done to it over the last 4/5 years, but it is a good car...

However, a few days ago, I got the now dreaded infamous flashing glow plug, and loss of performance/power, which I now understand is 'limp mode'. I had a similar situation at the end of last Summer, whereby the car would not run, and it turned out to be cam shaft sensor, which I had replaced...

Anyway, took my car into a garage for diagnostic test, and the following 'fault codes' showed up;

P1664 Injection pump control module malfunction
U1900 Cam communication bus fault
P2338 Cylinder 3 above knock threshold

The garage said that it would appear to be a faulty injector on 3rd cylinder, but couldn't say 100% that this would rectify the problem-quote yesterday 0f £296+vat to replace....The more expensive fix, is the module which will cost an extortionate £800-£1000 plus vat?!

I am reasonably logical, and suggested to mechanic that if diesel injector on 3rd 'pot' were faulty, this would create the excessive knock...therefore it would be worth trying this as the cheaper fix....

I just really wanted some advice, as to whether it is worth going down this route and spending £300, (at least I'd have a new injector)

Thanks for reading this,

be carefull that the codes given do not take you down the red herring route as u1900 usually means that the correct code reader was not used, diesels only became obd from 2004 and a compatable reader is required for earlier cars. so i would double check that these are the correct codes before spending money on the cure.
Hi, and thanks for your reply....I have to say that the garage I went to, isn't my usual garage(as they have become expensive). Yes, I agree u1900, struck me as odd, from the logical standpoint that the Cam sensor was replaced about 6 months ago....This garage didn't inspire me with confidence, as they were keen to pass me onto a diesel injection specialist they use in Fareham...I also had to chase to get a quote for new injector...Perhaps a second opinion is required...can I just ask what obd means from 2004? I have heard talk of Delphi, and presume that this is what should be used?? But, my knowledge of such things is rudimentary....
OBD stands for on board data.
On your car it is a universal port from 2004 onwards.
OBD is just a fancy term for your data port for diagnostics.
Hi, and thanks for the info...I had a new injector fitted on thursday last week-but the problem still still puffing white smoke on start, and is sluggish, running lumpy until warmed up...flashing glow plug light and limp mode still there-so it is likely a duff injector pump control module P1664-more money!!....Is this separate, or in integral part of the pump itself? I have been told that a new pump can be upwards of £800-£1000, but have found recon ones on the web for a fraction of this....
Realise this topic is old but my mondeo 03 tdci came up with same fault codes exactly as yours

Car was running fine starting fine then had huge power dip, literally having that day put new tyres on the thing, then the coil light starts flashing away, and have no boost so assume limp mode?

It started being a pain to start and kicking awfull white smoke or grey out but once been driven it runs ok but still no turbo.
Starter motor named on so killed that replaced think its the strain of it not starting properly?

Put injector cleaner in, my car had new injectors just over 12months ago, apparently ,
Did you manage to work out what actually was wrong with your car in the end,

Not mechanically minded as such but can't get head round the fact it was driving perfect and then out the blue decided to try and die , it could have done before I got the new tyres!!!

It sounds to me like the injectors are excessively leaking.


Unfortunately I think that this is a garage diagnostic and perhaps a recon of your injectors


did the garage do a leak of test before fitting the new injector and was the injector coded in?

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