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Full Version: Jerking Win Applying Pressure At Start Of Acceleration
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Francis Mooney
[i]Hi guys I'm new to the forum. For the past few weeks my 2006 mondeo st tdci has been running odd. Irrispective of gear I can force a jerk or shudder at the very start of applying pressure to the accelerator. The car was serviced 3 months earlier and from the same garage as last 3 services. At the moment its not consistent and I do get a couple of hours where there is no problem at all. However as time goes on the jerk appears worse. Again it can be forced just by adding a small bit of pressure on the pedal. Once pressed the jerk doesnt appear again until you lift of then back on.[/i]

[font="'lucida sans unicode"][i]Any suggestions? There are no fault lights appearing on the dash either.[/i][/font]

[font="'lucida sans unicode"][i]Thanks in advance[/i][/font]

[font="'lucida sans unicode"][i]F[/i][/font]

Also was the fuel filter done on the last service???
Francis Mooney

the mileage is 64,280 nd it only had interim service. The last major service was last year at 51,672 where the fuel filter was done. It does emit black smoke slightly when revving stationery.

Fuel filter change and a strip down and clean of the egr and inlet
Francis Mooney
Thanks David,

Took it to the garage and turns out the egg valve was gone. Now replaced for the second time in 5 years. I would say that the symptoms this time were completely different from the last time. The last time it affected the turbo in a way that it disabled it?!?!?!?

Anyway all fixed and running like a dream. Thanks for helping out.


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