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Full Version: Oil Filters
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how does this work then
hi gang
just been to halfords for oil filter for zetec se 1.6 ,the one on the car is longer than the halford new one ,is this ok or will i have to go and get anther one that the same as on engine at moment(grrrrrrr)
I got a service kit from a ford garage that delivers if you order online.

If the oil filter is straight above you if you stick your head under the middle of the front bumper (ie just behind the number plate) then the one they sent based on my vin number is smaller than the one on the car...

Can anyone confirm this is indeed the oil filter? I heard it is above a wheel arch?!?!
how does this work then
mine is in the middle of the lower engine ,so what now what?( double GGrrrr)
mine was on mega mega tight - was supposed to have been serviced by frauds (last one of the warranty) don't think so .. mr ferret had to use 2 gator grips 90deg apart to undo it ..the filter was twisted like a christmas cracker when it came off and the date stamped on it was 2009..the replacemet filter from frauds was smaller than the one it was replacing .. according to frauds store person its an update - rang frauds to complain and they advised it has to be tight as they had reports of them comming undone comments on the date stamped on old filter- part number was f1714387 (£5.67) 1.6 zectec 07.
I had a nightmare removing the filter from my wifes SportKA. Took me an hour and a half of sweat, tears and bad language with a remover. I cant complain to a garage because I changed it last time and only tightened it by hand about 10 months ago.
how does this work then
after a search on the interweb,found some sound advice,telling me to replace like with like!! got exact one from halfords and the charged me 50p !!!
thanks for the scary tights story ,i thought we was on oil filters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I had a right problem getting mine off my old ford fiesta. took a hell of a lot of force! must of used a machine to put it on.
ill be doing mine this evening, using the smaller one that came from ford. have a chain vice grips but hopefully it won't be to tight
how does this work then
mine came off with one go with removal tool ,very plaesed with that,had more trouble with the air filter cover,
that must have been designed by a gibbon,the round thingys that the screws are in are usless GRRRRRRR
its all about the materials used and how efficient they filter smaller filters usually have better filtration so they filter the same amount as the larger ones the ford one is usally smaller but a tad fatter than the other ones you buy which seem slightly slimmer but longer. given the location of the filter it should be a smallish one so it doesnt stick down too far

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