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Full Version: Unable To Unlock Front Passenger Door
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I cant unlock front passenger door with the key or from inside. The lock on the iner handle is in the lock position and wont budge, any ideas. I've tried getting at it but cant get the door card off enough to reach anything.
Failed central door locking actuator (solenoid), holding door in locked position ?
I agree, central locking solenoid in the door.
Does the motor in that door make any noise on central locking / unlocking?
I'd check the motor and the cable bundle in the door umbilical for breaks.
No noise on locking. how can I get to the cable bundle?
Had a similar problem with a clio rear door managed to get door card off so i could un bolt the outer door handle and with a long screw driver was able to flick the lock open so i could renew it you might have to take it on the chin possibly wrecking the door card but your year they should ten a penny on the bay .i did have spare ones till recently off my sons mk1 but binned them .
on the mk1 you just have to destroy the door panel just make sure you have the spare scrapyards have plenty of them
mr ferret used to work as a registered locksmith ..he said call an auto locksmith out they will have a tool that will open the door from the outside without using the lock - said he cant tell you anymore cos its a public forum - is there a wire rod inside door pannel to the lock?if it is have you tried opening it from inside with the battery disconnected? once its opened it will save you a door card

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