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Full Version: Spare Key Needed
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I have just bought a 2005 Streetka
However, it only came with one key.
Can someone tell me the cheapest way to get a duplicate?
(It is the 3 button, transponder type)
Cheapest and quickest way is to take your key into Timpsons or similar key cutting place, and they will copy your key. Cost me about £60. It will not be a remote key though.
I take it your original key looked like this?
This key blade is known as a tibbe key

You can buy new remote keys from eBay and then get a Mobile Auto Locksmith to cut and code it for you.
Do make sure the key is new, as ones with old transponders which have been programmed before may not reprogramme correctly.
I found that a problem with high street key cutters is that they clone your key rather than programming it into the car.
The problem with this is that if you ever want to add another key to your system then your ECU won't recognise the cloned key as a second one and will not unlock the learning mode on your car.
It will probably work out about the same as btmaldon has stated but will be processed at the car so there will be no doubt that it will fit / work.
Put it this way - Ford would chatge you far more and take a lot longer.
I added a spare (flip) key to my car when i bought it and it cost £20 for the key and £20 (mates rates) to cut and programme.
You could also buy one like this and then have yourself a nice flip key, far more classy i think.

I bought a new fob and had key cut and programmed to my focus 2 weeks ago at my local ford dealers. It cost me £140. I feel that it was well worth it as I only had one key and the only button working was the unlock button. I have now put the old one as a spare.

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