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Full Version: Somebody Help Me Out Please - Hesitant Car
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fintious maximus
Okay, have put in new plugs and today fitted new coilpack but the damn car is still hesitant on acceleration,probably a bit more so now that plugs and pack are on. Could the leads be causing it or is there something else to try?

It seems fine when the car is cold and gets progressively worse the warmer the engine gets.

Any ideas please
I would look at leads next. Did the other two make any difference at all ???
fintious maximus
if anything slightly worse which is why i'm thinking leads? Perhaps pulling them off the coil and plugs has weakened them somehow? Also odd that it's better when the engine is cold and gets more noticeable as it gets hotter?
i would go outside when its nice and dark ,remove engine cover and take a look at ht leads as engine is running ,you might see the ht leads breaking down and sparking on the engine,thats what my old escort did, i put new leads on and it ran great
I was just about to say the same thing but you beat me to it, i had an escort once with running problems and when i popped the bonnet one night it was like a fireworks show.
fintious maximus
Ordered a set and ready to collect this afternoon so fingers crossed..
It probably is the leads as when they start to break down they do tend to be worse when warm. If this doesnt work, I would try your fuel filter next.
fintious maximus
Sorted, thank God! Leads it was - how does silicon transfer electric current?
[quote name='fintious maximus' timestamp='1333127182' post='175200']
Sorted, thank God! Leads it was - how does silicon transfer electric current?

Its the dust and muck that conducts.

Glad your sorted
fintious maximus
Thanks, had the car for two weeks and this is the first time it's run properly. Dead chuffed now, shame I didn't try leads first and saved a few quid on plugs and a coil pack.least Iknow they're done

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