I'm new to the forum but have already read about others with similar issues.

I have a Focus 1.8 TDCI 07 plate -43k on the clock, it has full ford service history and is in good condition.
I've owned it about 6 months and I'm starting to realise there is a problem. On pulling off the car sometimes stalls, it's as if I press the accelerator but get minimal response. This is intermittent but of the mark the car really lacks power, once moving it drives great.
I've took it to ford and no errors show up from the ecu which didn't help, however there was an update which was done, this hasn't made any difference.
A few days back I pulled of, as I revved the car to pull of the revs went to approx 3500 rpm on there own, this wasn't my doing! They soon dropped and I pulled of again as normal.

I was really happy with the car, it's a Titanium x but it's soon becoming frustrating to drive.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, Matt