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Full Version: Suspension Squeaking On 2005 Focus Ghia
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I'm new to the forum as I just purchased my first focus.
Need a bit of help with this noise?
It sounds like the bush rubbers would spraying with oil solve the noise?
Also is this common?
it will probably not solve the problem long term but it might help you work out what bush is at fault
If its not the rubbers could it be the steering rack ends?
[quote name='H8XME' timestamp='1333234917' post='175467']
If its not the rubbers could it be the steering rack ends?

i personally have never come across these causing a squeak
lower steering arm wishbone drivers side under the drain tube from the windscreen the rain drys out the bush underneath causing a squeek try spraying white grease on it and see if it goes away if it does extend the rubber hose slightly so its not directly over the wishbone move it nearer the rear of the engine bay
I have sprayed ever bush with lubricant rubber but it's still squeaking :(,
Also noticed it squeaks when the steering is turned.
top and bottom of the droplinks wishbones at the rear both sides and the struts right up at the top.3in 1 oil or wd40 will penetrate quicker if its still squeeking then its best to have it checked at a garage
Squeeking ball joints are dangerous if they are dried out its time to replace them or they can let go and you dont want to go there .If you jack up see if have play by trying get movement pushing and pulling on top and bottom of the wheel.If not remove wheels disconnect the steering track rod end move the joint by hand and see if it stiff and noisey,if not now turn the hub left to right and see if the lower ball joint is the issue ,do this both sides and you should find it .Its one of those jobs a bit of time stripping out will save you replacing stuff willy nilly .Before you do this bounce on the wing and try and discifer what side is the culprit
the 2 most common issues are that the track rod ends creak in there ball joints that attatch to the steering gear or top suspension mount bearings ford know this and always have in either case replacing these parts with new ones cures the issue.

these parts were upgraded on the 2.5 but its very common
Thanks for the replys Il try and have another look tomorrow?
Il drop by Ford's tomorrow and get a price for parts,
As it makes noise whilst steering and suspension movement I hope it's the track rods :)
Does it only make this noise when going over bumps or is it on turning etc?
both over bumps and while turning,
il be collecting some new parts from fords after work.
i hope the the prices aint to steep? :)
First thing I would check is your anti-roll bar on the rear. If that fails then check the balljoints.

If its the anti-roll bar it won't usually be obvious though.

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