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Full Version: Anyone Fitted An Induction System To Their Car Recently
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anyone done this, any good?

what car do you have as different problems ascociated with fitting on different models
I was thinking about it for a while but have a lot of concerns about trying to get a good cold airflow and heat soak from the engine.
You would have to fit a heat deflector between the inlet and the engine and run the inlet as far down and forward in the bay as possible.
TBH you're better off fitting a good panel filter from K&N or Pipercross.
Most induction kits just tend to produce more noise for little gain.
Personal choice of course.
why does it need to be kept cold? the original pannel is right next to the engine i assumed the new one would just fit in roughly the same place. K+n say that the tubing is low friction or something to aid airflow. i good noise for a low price sounds appealing tbh haha
[quote name='ruairidh' timestamp='1333635230' post='176374']
why does it need to be kept cold? [/quote]

It doesnt need to be kept cold it is allegedly drawing in cold air...which is more dense than hot air...basically meaning more air/fuel mixture into combustion chamber bigger explosion more power.
If you have been out on those cold damp moist mornings you may notice the car runs alot better/smoother/responsive...especially if you have a turbo...becuase the air is more dense...period.

I say allegedly as you have sort of hit the nail on the head...the cold air kits sit in the engine compartment...nice hot day/engine hot, bonnet down the temp is going to be quite hot under there...if you look at the original airbox the main induction pipe sits in the inner wing so the original airbox is drawing colder/more dense air than these kits.

I said you hit the nail on the head

[quote name='ruairidh' timestamp='1333635230' post='176374']
K+n say that the tubing is low friction or something to aid airflow. [/quote]

Airflow Air kits dont have the same ring, the airflow is aided due to the pipes used have no sharp edges which can cause the induction air to swirl....which in turn can create poor induction.

These kits also play on the humans mind...the induction noise they create makes people think the car is more powerful...when 9 times out of 10 you may lose power.

To get the sort of power increase these kits claim then you would need to spend £00's and not just worry about induction.
You'd be better off fitting a good quality panel filter and getting a remap.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1333645623' post='176404']
You'd be better off fitting a good quality panel filter and getting a remap.

couldnt of said it better myself :o)

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