Hi, just bought this car and was told cam shaft had gone when we got it but it doesnt sound to us like it has, at first we thought it was the cam followers but now having had it running today for a little longer it sounds as though it could be the hydraulic lifters/tappets - whatever you want to call them!
What do you lot think I have a video of the noise on you tube here.........


It starts as soon as you start the engine but when you get to around 4000 rpm it seems to go and then as soon as you drop the rpm back it starts again.
As its on my drive and is so noisy and loud we havent dared have it run for too long, just in case the neighbours create about the racket, however it was towed back (running on tick over all the way) for 50 miles (not revving obviously) and it did it all the way home so it has been running for a little while but just no rpm when it was being towed.

What do you think the problem could be?