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Full Version: 2002 1.8 Tddi Uneven Idle
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My 89k 2002 1.8tddi Focus has an annoying idle issue (probably common but i dont know??) it idles when warm at 750rpm but every 10 seconds or so the engine note changes and it drops engine speed slightly and then picks up again and repeats.
It feels like a misfire but then surely it would happen all the time?
It drives fine with no issues its just at idle i notice it.
It has had new fuel, oil & filter. Could it be glow plugs?
Any thoughts please?
Definitely will not be glow plugs, these are used to pre-heat the fuel before you start the engine. Once the engine is running the glow plugs don't do anything.

Perhaps try a can of BG244 to clean the injectors etc?
Latest update:- Tried BG244 no much difference.
Car drives lovely then you come to a traffic light etc, it idles ok for a few sec then goes lumpy then back to normal randomly revs dont seem to drop however. very slight increase in revs brings it back on song.
My next thoughts are sticking injectors or EGR valve?
Anyone got any more advice please before I spend out.
mine does this randomly too and i have had it since i bought the car in Dec 11, i wouldnt spend any money on it unless its really annoying you.

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