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Full Version: A Certain Element Of Nostalgia!?
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Hi Guys,

I wonder if this is just me or not...

I was driving home yesterday, and coincidentally ended up driving behind a rather familiar vehicle... took a few seconds of reading the number plate several times over to see that in actual fact it was MY FOCUS (the devil car!) that I sold before getting the Cee'd!

I was surprised, (sadly) I always see the Focus and the same shade of grey and always kept an eye out just in case, and then low and behold, it pops up in front of me!

What an opportunity! on the plus side, it didnt have any new dents, holes, or anything hanging off, so I was surprised at that! (I thought it would have spontaneously combust the way it was previously with me!)

I just had a warm bubbly feeling inside... sad really?

So the question to you, has this ever happened to you, and what did you think / feel?
Most of the cars i've had previously have ended up being scrapped or auctioned.
Not seen any of my old cars on the road but have seen bikes i've owned being ridden (only reason i stopped riding bikes was because the wife works in orthoapedic surgery and has seen too many mangled bike riders and begged me to give them up).
Miss the freedom of bikes but don'rt miss the cold and wet in winter.
Got used to the nice comfy car and not having to put on all the protective rig for every trip.

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