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Full Version: Strange Whirring Noise Comming From The Engine
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Hey there,

my Ford Focus is from 1999 and was well kept and regularly serviced. That is until I got my hands on it! For the last 4 or 5 years it hasn't had much in the way of servicing just the odd oil check, and mot service etc... and I expect I'm going to have to go to a garage and spend lots sorting things out. But before I go I'd like to at least have some idea of what the problem(s) might be.

Over the last year or so the engine has started making a whirring noise. The noise is more pronounced when the engine is cold and although it isn't as bad when it heats up it never goes away. If my foot is on the clutch the noise goes away a bit.

The noise is pretty loud and I've heard other cars sounding like this.

The oil was very low and I've only recently filled it up. Although I guess the oil might have something to do with the problem, filling up didn't help much.

What is the likely problem? Thanks in advance for suggestions :)

Noises are difficult to diagnose over the tinternet....but if the car has just had oil checks and never had the oil and filter changed over 4-5years then its not looking good.

When the car is running and you increase the revs and hold it at about 3000rpm does the noise get any worse.

My other concern is when pressing the clutch the noise decreases...excess end float on the crankshaft is possible...if it is and you take it to a ford garage you are going to need a fat wallet as the engine will need a COMPLETE strip. In fact they may recommend a recon engine

Putting oil in to cure will never work when the damage has been done.

I always recommend to change the Oil & Filter every 6000miles on a petrol 4000 on a will be amazed how long your engine will last.

But like mentioned without hearing the noise then its very difficult to say.

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