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Full Version: Urgent Advice - Debris On Road - Under Damage
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Completely new to this forum.

Today i ran over some debris in the road, by debirs i mean a spare wheel which was completely unavoidable and I went over it.

The plastic undertray has been damaged, but when looking close, it looks like something on the bottom of the engine has been dented inwards.


It is the black box, on the very bottom of the engine? What is this? Does anyone know? Looks like a rocker cover, but at the bottom of the engine. What does this cover?

I own a 2008 58 ford focus 1.6 tdci 109ps.

Any advice on what to do would be appreciated. In a bit of a panic. The car drove home fine. No different in engine noise, performance or steering problems.


Hi welcome to the forum,

its your oil sump pan,
it can be and will need to be changed by a garage either ford or non ford,
it stores the engine oil and circulates around the engine.

here is a link to one on ebay


check for oil spills too, and if it is leaking then ensure to keep it topped up until you get it to the garage for repair.
also if its not leaking when the engine has been running for a 10 minute duration after the accident, then is most likely wont start to leak now mate,
because the oil inside the sump is under preissure when the engine is running and if their was the tinest of pin hole the oil would fly through it and be very noticable to you around the sump,
so if its not leaking its ok until you can get her repaired.
how bad is the dent? is it leaking oil?
Thank you for your replies. There is no apparent leak. I am taking the car to a garage tomorrow, who are going to put it up on the ramps, and take a look to see what the damage is. Once again drove fine today, so touch wood might be lucky. I'm sure a replacement sump and under tray won't break the bank....i hope.
I was going to link to the same one Lenny posted.
£46 is pretty good for a sump and sealant.
I had a Honda Accord a few years back with a knackered sump and they charged me £260 including fitting.
It's easy enough to do yourself if you have access to ramps and are comfortable doing a home oil change.

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