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Full Version: Idle Control Valve/iacv Location On A Mk2 Focus
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Hi Guys,
In the last week or so since joining I have had some fantastic help on here. Does anyone know where the IACV / Idle Control Valve is located on a Mk2 Focus please (2006)? I can see either side of the throttle body and its not there.
If you remove the airbox outlet you should see it bolted near the throttle body and it should look like this -


To remove it you may have to get to one bolt from above and one from below.
To refit after cleaning/replacing you will need a new valve gasket and also will need to clean the mating face on the throttle body.
I've had the mechanic have a look and we've jacked the car up and neither of us can see the IAC on the car at all. Not sure if it's a design change with the mk2, or because ours is an Automatic, but I am getting convinced that it doesn't exist on our car. We've checked all the way around the throttle body and air intake etc. and it's not there. One of the guys off the forum kindly sent me an older one off a mk1 so I could compare it, and it's nowhere to be found. I was out with our daughter this morning and the car was fine from cold, but wouldn't start first time 2 hours later. First time you could here the starter going but the engine didn't actually turn over Check engine light stayed on but I think this is because the engine wasn't on. 2nd time it turned over but sounded like there was a blockage somewhere (sort of chugging) and was at about half revs (500ish) and then was fine about 5 seconds later and sounded normal at about 500 revs. Turned it off and 3rd time lucky - started fine. This all points to the IAC, but I am wondering what it could be if there is no IAC on the car. Any ideas welcome. The only other thing I've read about is the EGR valve.
kev have you had the fuel filter replaced recently if not worth giving that a try might be worth taking one of the fuel lines off going into the injector unit put the end in a jar and get some one to crank it over to see what sort of flow rate you are getting if intermittant or none i,d be looking at the pump or filter bcecause i,d of thought it would at least fire up even if the iac was faulty sounds like somewhere along the line its getting fuel starvation . on start up once running theres enougth to keep it running .
I second that. The car is 6 years old and the filter may never have been changed.
Not sure about the Fuel filter. I know the oil filter was changed when we bought the car in Spetember last year, and the mechanic said it looked brand new. If you just turn the ignition on you hear the pump kick in for 2 to 3 seconds, so I hope it's not that. I just have a feeling that this IAC is not on this version of the car. Steads kindly sent me one to compare to from a mk1 and I wouldn't be able to miss the bugger if it was there. It's about 4 inches long with an electrical socket on it and looks like it's held on by 2 pretty big bolts. Someone suggested that if it doesn't start, press the accelerator a little bit (about a quarter of the way down) and then it might start. Does this sound OK or would I bugger up anything else? Thanks.
Kev i really would look at the filter pump sounds about right it will pressurise then stop but if the fuel pressure is not get through the filter like it should it will be diddicult to start and idle erratic on my sons mk1 the filter is attached to the bulk head silver canister i,ve had a similar problem years ago with a blocked filter but that was the old in line paper conicle filters gave similar probs to what your describing . for the price of them if it cures it all well and good if not at least you know its not that and its been renewed at low cost .my son had a problem on his the other week like this difficult to start then when it did it was very erratic and would cut out at lights/junctions ended up being a vacuum leak but we could hear a hissing noise which you dont say you have the prob was there where to white blanking caps on the inlet manifold that cover 2 vacuum inlets these had come adrift once blanked off again all was and has been fine since just maybe another cause they say the hardest part of mechanics is in the diagnosis the cures the easy part .keep tryin youll find it eventually
Thanks guys. I'll take a look into the fuel filter.

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