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Full Version: Focus Window Motor
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Hi, my mates drivers side electric window stopped working recently but the motor can still be heard turning (52 focus 2 door ). After taking the trim off we can see the cable has frayed and snapped.

my question is, Is this one continuous cable or is it fixed to the motor at 2 points, and maybe repairable, or if not, is a new cable available separately or will we have to get the complete assembly.

Thanks , John
I think this will answer your question and solve your problem in one.

Thanks for that, great help. when we get the part and get it fitted I`ll post back and let people know if its an easy fix.

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Thanks for that, great help. when we get the part and get it fitted I`ll post back and let people know if its an easy fix.


Glad to be of service John,
Please do post your results, will be good to know how easy/hard the fix is.

just an update as promised.

the part arrived from germany, good value at £20 and included new cables, brackets for the glass and new plastic spindle for the motor which the wires wind onto.

A few tips for anyone attempting this fix.

when removing the old unit, take plenty of photos/notes of the exact location of everything as instructions are not included with the kit ( there is a video on youtube though ) . When everything is in bits it`s very easy to forget what goes where.

Removing the old motor spindle is tough and part of it broke. Winding the 2 wires onto the new spindle is quite fiddly and getting the tension right winding the 2 wires in diferent directions is not easy.

After finally refitting it we found it wouldn`t work properly, we figured there is still too much slack in the cable. Not wanting to risk breaking the new plastic spindle we have decided to let our local focuspart mechanic do the job( for an hours labour, £40 )

With hindsight, the job could be done, with patience in an hour or two but take note of the above, and unless working under cover wait until we get some decent weather. Getting soaked dont help.

Pity it wasn't an easy home fit.
Getting it fitted for you is probably still cheaper than the Dealer supplying the parts as well (if they would even provide them in the first place).
Hi I bought the full assembly for anyone else reading its fiddley but done in 2 hours cost 68 cheers

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