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Full Version: Fitting Fog Lights
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Hi all,

I have been searching for this topic but can't seem to find anything on it. I have a 2002 mk1.5 (facelift) 1.8 TDCi focus LX. At the moment it does not have any front fog lights fitted and I would like to install a set. My questions are:

1. Is there wiring loom already in place for these, and where would i find it?
2. I know i will have to get a new dash switch, but is it a simple case of swapping them over?
3. Would I have to make any modifications in the fuse box?

I am a compitent diy mechanic, but when it comes to wiring I have quite basic knowledge. So any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers all!!!!!
Couldnt say for sure but you say your pretty confident at diy mechs i,d just have a look on ones i,ve fitted to other cars in the past the loom is already there not far from the apetures same with where the switch goes you just might have to put a connection in the fuse box to a relay or you can get wiring kits off ebay.have a look and see what you find .
I used to have a Mk1 Focus LX and the wireing was already there on that for the fogs, and yes, it was just a matter of plugging in the new switch.
Sweet! cheers guys! I'll have a look. Does anyone know where abouts I will find these wires?as there isn't a great deal of space a photo would be good.
[quote name='gwengo' timestamp='1333963691' post='176804']
Sweet! cheers guys! I'll have a look. Does anyone know where abouts I will find these wires?as there isn't a great deal of space a photo would be good.
i fitted mine and wiring is there you should see a plug taped near horn and the other one taped near air con condenser
just screw in fogs and plug in change switch on dashboard and its all good
I guess we will never know if he found the wires or indeed fitted fog lights ?????
Nigel S
[i]Maybe he hasn't had time to finish it yet?[/i]
sorry guys, haven't been on for a while :ph34r: I had a quick look but couldn't find them. Whether its because it so mucky in there I don't know. Then, took my wife's 05 focus in for its MOT and found out that the coil spring has snapped on the front O/S :angry: so I've been a bit pre-occupied with trying to get that sorted. So my focus has taken a back seat for now.
pop the cover off where the fogs go put ure hand in and feel around they are usualy cable tied to the back most of the focis had them so ide imagine they are there
I recall my mates 2001 LX (petrol) Focus had all the wiring etc in place on his car car to retro fit factory fogs... Once he had the correct headlight switch it was a plug and play job... On my 1999 LX Diesel however, i had the wiring, plugs etc, but the feed went to the fusebox with out the connection to plug in the fuse (just an empty space where the fuse would plug in, but no contacts below)
Cheers guys! thanks for all the advice, I'm gonna look this weekend if the weathers ok, then it's on to egay to order a set :) I'm sure I'll be back with more questions, but I'll let you know how I get on.

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