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Full Version: FOC Age group Poll!
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37 me and old compared to majority on here lol
[quote name='cherieb' timestamp='1309334996' post='133853']
Looking at the results is enough to make you feel old! Bleedin' youngesters..!!
Very true! Suddenly I feel over the hill at 37!


61 but feeling 20 everybody on here are babys.... :rolleyes:
22, 23 in january... and aged a year since I answered this poll! lol
39 in Feb...almost the big 40 coming up for me after that!
i am 21 years old just completed my graduation and searching for a job
My god, as I'm 22 now I fit into the second category of the poll! :( - i feel so old lol
25 in a march and begning to feel old now lol
25, 26 in June
I'm 20, so another relative young'un, theres a few on this site by the looks of things
21!!! ;)

but 22 in july
[quote name='Fordfizzy' timestamp='1327423991' post='162975']
21!!! ;)

[b]but 22 in july[/b]

+1 :D ...... 31st
I'm 23, with a 2.0 tdci mondeo - early age family man lol
i was 26 last week and wanted to click 22-25 :(
Bah!!! the place is full of bloody youngsters :D

Regards from an old fart :D 58
17 at the minute :) 18 this week
I am 32, 33 this July, my hubby is 43 :)
Darren T
39......wish i was 21 again :D
I feel old doing this lol. Im 47 at moment, 48 later this year. But saying that Ive nearly alays had fords since passing my test when I was18.
41 - 42 in April.
I'm well into the realm of dry dreams and wet farts.
Still think like an 18 year old though.
No kids to make me feel like an old git.
33...although being left-handed, I'd might as well be 43 :huh:
18! 19 This year! Still just a bairn..
18 in july,
34 :)
Just turned 53 and still cycle racing, road and track, and still knocking out nearly 300 miles a week training.

Your only as old as you feel, but after a really tough 80 mile training ride today, to be honest I feel 93 this evening, let alone 53.... :mellow:
Ivor Got None
proud to be just 1 short year of "legal" retirement age of 65... just where did all those years go? well my avatar gives a clue to some, since 2000 part of me rides scooters (normaly the saddle sore part on long ride outs) loved my fords over the years, from daily drivers, classic modded Anglias "1500" GT motors, and mini cabs. One G plate 1800 cvh auto sierra done nearly 300.000 miles... just kept running, bless will list all my fords one day, (new thread perhaps) but my heart and soul went into a landrover discovery diesel 3 years ago, I now know "her" intimately now after laying under it for 3 months last year with a cutting grinder and mig welder & new sheet metal. Just to keep my ford brain (whats left of it) ticking over, my daughters V plate 1330 KA in mettalic green, nice car "when" it runs right.......long story Oh, and I talk far too much, sorry...
Ivor Got None
[quote name='pragmatix' timestamp='1328725955' post='165515']
Bah!!! the place is full of bloody youngsters :D

Regards from an old fart :D 58
[/quote][quote name='pragmatix' timestamp='1328725955' post='165515'] Bah!!! the place is full of bloody youngsters :D Regards from an old fart :D 58 [/quote]

old my ars* your still a youngster....
I,m 52 this June, after that i start going backwards so the year after i will be 15 !! I refuse point blank to grow old gracefully and act my age. I dont know about you guys but whenever we,re out shopping I always head straight for the toy shops ! it drives my wife nuts as we share our house with around 1,500 model aircraft and around 500 model cars ! (including around 150 buses !) The cars and buses are all die cast stuff. I also forgot the 20 odd ships and about 30 space craft ! I really need a bigger house !
41... Still counting... :huh:
42 in exactly 1 month from today.
It may just be my imagination but i have started going through my local M&S and being strangely drawn towards the Beige chinos.
I'm getting concerned i'll be looking for slip on shoes and cardigans next.
If i start wearing flat caps while driving i'll be a lost cause.
HELP...! :o :wacko: :blink:
22 :)
I'm 18, probably the biggest ford fan for my age :)
32 & loving it everything is cheap
23 next week :) (3/12/12)
23 2 days ago ;)
20 :)
19 and still feel 10 haha! Weird twist here, when I was a wee laddie, I my dad had an old mk2 escort, and later on a Sierra and I ALWAYS told him "when I grow up I'm gonna buy a ford". Well, I've done it :') haha! Sadly neither my dad, nor the escort are with us anymore :/ the escort was written off by some arse in a van. And my father passed away from a heart attack when I was 12. But I'm 19 and thankful my dad showed me the escort, and how bloody awesome fords are :) long live the blue oval!!
Just been trying to think about where the Sierra could be... I think it's down in Coventry :S
31 :)
I am a very young looking 37 year old ...... :ph34r:
im 30 and feel double, im just like carl pilkington, bald, grump n a dry sence of humour lol
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Recycled teenager, I will never grow up. [/font][/size][/color] :D :P [size=5][color=#0000FF][font=comic sans ms,cursive]. Now where did I leave the car?[/font][/color][/size]
What's age got to do with it? I'm in one of the very minority number groups and belong to a group that own a restored mainline steam locomotive and fly a microlight aeroplane.
Johnny Barnes
32, feel like I'm 21 though!
31 but i play at a 29 ;)

Age is just a number anyway so why do we all get so worked up about it. I'm 53 and whislt my body doesn't work or indeed look like it used to no one can see my brain and whats going on in there!


Sometimes wish I was 20 again so I could do all this modding stuff like my son, don't think a big exhaust would go down too well with the missus.  


Anyway it's late now so I should get some cocoa and get to my bed, if I can remember where it is.

adi v6
27 enjoying life

Phil, Totally hit the nail on the head with that hammer! 25 now and tbh.... i wish i had ignored everything people said about modding your car because of insurance etc and gone for a 1L etc. Now i think... i'm a bit too old for loud exhaust and some insane kits. Now i gotta go for a subtle look lol.


I had a Polo back then and i wanted to slam it! didn't happened, i listened to the old boring and wise. Saying that though i really enjoy my Focus Zetec S, No need to slam it.



adi v6
27 and loving even day

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