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Full Version: FOC Age group Poll!
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I'm 26...
[font="Impact"]20 on 8th August.

The way my back and joints play up you'd think i was 60 'cos shit me i feel it!!! ;) [/font]
im just plain 20 :)

[quote name='Fidgits' post='41' date='Feb 26 2005, 09:21 PM']28 years old, and feeling everyone of them ....[/quote]

I'm saying now't other than I wouldn't mind feeling one of them right now :ph34r:

Being serious now I was joking in the first place [img][/img]

How about an owner age poll for different models, Ka, Fiesta, Focus and the like?........we have got to get those post numbers up if we want to attract and KEEP new members [like myself] on the forum. Because to be honest, it is not the member numbers that really count. It's keeping new members interested enough to keep coming back.

Right I've had both front and back bumpers off my new [to me] MK2 Focus, whilst fitting electromagnetic parking aids. So there's three threads for a start, and I've tackled a known rust problem in the MK2 Focus, another thread Oh and managed to get locked out of my engine compartment, when I had removed my front bumper, resulting in a trip to a main dealer....nothing 64 quid would not fix :( and I've only had it a week to-day.

Anyway as I mentioned in another thread I'm off to Turkey for a week, so I expect to see this forum bussing when I get back ....or there will be trouble ;) And remember it does not have to be all techi stuff about cars, it could be a thread about anything who is the best farter on the forum :lol:
21 B)
am 27 and i feel like an old fart lol
Just spotted this thread.

I'm 24. Hooray!
[quote name='thesilverfox' post='49829' date='Nov 20 2009, 01:15 PM']Just spotted this thread.

I'm 24. Hooray![/quote]

bluudy kids, mutter mutter mutter
[quote name='catch' post='50127' date='Nov 22 2009, 06:53 PM']bluudy kids, mutter mutter mutter[/quote]

Well, judging by the poll results, there are plenty more younger than I! :lol:
D3 Darren
20 here!
Erm...16 :D 17 and driving in 3 weeks :P
22...yeap, and I feel exactly the age I am...not.

Mentally, about 6....physically about 60!!

They say men get to a number of different stages of mental age...

8yrs old(35%)
12years old(55%)
15years old(10%)

never thought this to be true untill my 44 year old dad threw the lawnmower across the garden in a tantrum coz I wouldn't let him drive my FTO!! ha ha :lol:
33, healthier and more good-looking than my 20s, more mature, still got hair - which is still black, no fat belly, no sign of ageing. Thank God.

Life begins and improves in thirties. :) B)
19 in a couple weeks :D
Steven Dark
21, 22 in feb
34 and counting

Ben Martin
23 :)
..too many young people here.
ford focus edge
19 on the 24th of july and the car is 6 on saturday woop woop

[quote name='Bagheera' date='20 December 2009 - 05:33 PM' timestamp='1261329815' post='55628']
33, healthier and more good-looking than my 20s, more mature, still got hair - which is still black, no fat belly, no sign of ageing. Thank God.

Life begins and improves in thirties. :) B)

I'm 49 , only 33 , wait til you hit 40 mate ,it all goes pear shape. :D :D :D
C-Max Boy 1983
27 Years old.
20 21 in a couple of weeks!!
42 drive a focus. 2 kids. nagging wife. I feel my age in my body, but in my mind i have not changed form my teenager days.
20yrs old so basically halfway to a midlife crisis.... <_<
[size="4"][b]I’m 25, 2 Kids and Mortgage, Bills Galore so might as well be 55, wouldnt change them for the world though, roll on 2011 ill be 26 but ill have my new fiesta or focus and then its just me and the road burning up the tarmac... well on saturdays and sundays anyway :lol: [/b][/size]
Turned 40 in March!! :D
22 in October :D
I'm 14, so can't vote! Grr. Do we really have an 81-90 year old member ?
I'm 25, so only just fall into the second group.

I land in the third one in January...

well a very depressed 45 now.. thanks gang... :rolleyes:
28 Today!

Picking up my new MK7 Fiesta Zetec S later today so not such a bad birthday!
27 years old
just joined the foc, got myself a 1.8tddi in white last week and loving the drive =D im 25, turn 26 in oct =)
I'm 42 , Still only feel 21.Age is no biggie to me..Less hair and more wrinkles though lol :)
[quote name='dizzyblonde82' date='03 August 2010 - 12:50 PM' timestamp='1280839227' post='91021']
28 Today!

Picking up my new MK7 Fiesta Zetec S later today so not such a bad birthday!

Indeed a nice birthday --hope you have a good one. :)
22 years old and loving my focus
51 going on 17 and still mad that's what the wife sez anyway. :lol:
20 going to 21 in Jan! so that makes my creepy age is 16! :P

I have been told i dont look a day over 12! :D the looks i get when i drive by in my's like they think i've nicked it! (:D

seems quite a few of what the oldies call "youth" on this forum...on my last peugeot one, they were still talking about the discovery of fire and the wheel and saying electricity is the devil!
Turned 22 in January (26th) :D and didnt realise JohnH was that young!

The focus seems to be very popular amongst the youth! Almost like the Chorsa around teh council estate ;)
Im 41, but I feel like I am 90.... but my wii fit age is 32!! :D :D :D
28 and feel a damn site at the moment.
Well folks Im 31 and its all down hill from here (or rather down the side of a cliff lol)
Its funny how so many youngsters fall over themselves to tell you how old they are.

Im #'[/. years old.
27, I'm not liking the look of 30..
I'm 26 although I think I should have stopped counting at 25 :lol:
mr pompey
am 37, but still feel like a 25yr old,
I'm 23 ,,,,,,,,, :rolleyes:
18 !
Looking at the results is enough to make you feel old! Bleedin' youngesters..!!
Wow, I don't like this poll, I had to vote for the FOURTH option!!

Can you change the first option to 17-32 so I don't feel quite so old please!!!

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