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Full Version: Please Help Me Someone
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Basicly i have a problem i have a 2006 focus 2.0. il try to expalin best as i can. i have problem with part of te dipstick, the part that goes into the block is damged and i need to remove it but i cant find away to take it off i heated it with a heat gun but with no luck i took the dipstick tube off which had 1 bolt but its not the part im taking about there is a bit that is just pushed into the block then the dipstick tube is bolted onto so it the bit thats pushed into the block please help.
try drianing the oil out and remove the sump see if that works
[quote name='dezwez' timestamp='1333744250' post='176566']
try drianing the oil out and remove the sump see if that works

no wont work mate there no oil in there anyway. it the dipstick tube the end that goes into engine i thing it just a o ring there but i just cant seem to pull the tube out looked on the net and some people say just wiggle about n should pull out but it just to toght
so the bottom of your dipstick is stuck somewhere in the engine block?how far out are you able to pull the dipstick before it catches??
DONE i sorted it it just needed pulled off but took 30 min to do as it was jammed in heated it with a heat gun and used a grip tool thing and it poped out

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