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Full Version: Brake Judder
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Had this issue a couple of months now, and its started to get right on my nerves....
Basically, when braking from speed, say 50-60ish, I get terrible judder through the sterring wheel. if I really push the brakes, and then immediately push them again, the judder is not there. Also its not there under normal town driving. The car brakes fine even when getting this judder.

Replaced the front disks and pads 18 or so months ago, and the rear pads replaced around a year ago. Its passed its MOT with no comments from the examiner, last month, although I did have to have the handbrake looked at, as it had excessive travel, but now its ok after they did something with the rear calipers.

My first thought is the front disks, but could they be warped after 18months. The car mainly does motorway runs, approx 80-90miles a day.

Could it be a balance issue or wheel buckled, even though there is no vibration at speed??

Would welcome any advice, before I start to strip down the brake system.....
Could be something to do with your wheels mate. I've got a bulge in the sidewall of one of my front tyres as a result of hitting a stone and notice a judder in the steering wheel when braking from those speeds. Never had that problem before that
Check tyres and rims for damage and may also be worth checking pads and also your discs again.
Thanks for replys guys... Will check the wheels first, its easier than stripping down brakes ;) prob take it to a tyre place and have wheels rebalanced, and take it from there...
I had the same on a number of cars I have bought 2nd hand. It was down to the pads being over heated at some stage or not bedded in properly before heavy braking. Fitted new pads of a decent quality and problem sorted.

It was a right pain especially when braking on a slip road from motorway speeds.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]On my last car, a 1999 Mondeo, one set of replacement discs only lasted 18 months and caused the problems you are experiencing. [/font][/size][/color]

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