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Full Version: Oxygen Sensor
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hi there i have a 53 plate Ford KA
is the oxygen sensor as easy to remove and fit as it seems,,looks like a spark plug socket will fit it
looks like the original one in there,,and looks a bit rusted in
once its fitted is there anything else to do,,or just start the engine and away i go as it were :blink:

many thanks

you need a lamda socket with a cut out for the wiring and connector or if you are lucky just a spanner if you can get access to it.
try doing it with a warm engine as it will be rusty on a 53 so lloads od WD 40 will help you ,no need to do anything else just whack it in !
Why are you changing it do you know its not working

hi there,,sometimes the tick over is sort of up and down ,, sometimes runs a bit fast more so when engine is cold or not up to running temp
if i give it a quick half throttle stab in goes back to normal tick over speed ??
perhaps i am looking at the wrong bit here

Hi I would say that you need to be looking at the throttle control area .If your lamda was down you would get an engine light or at least an error in the memory.Would be worth getting the errors checked by a decent garage.
Make sure the throttle linkage is free and maybe a bit of spray lube will help,also is there abit of free play in cable ?
The engine revs maybe help up due to loads do you have AC? And how fast is it running ?
Things to double check for would be air leaks ,check all the air pipes are not split and spray wd40 around the inlet manifold and pipes etc and see if the engine changes when you do ,is yours the later durotec engine or the old ohv one ?
Just be careful spraying a hot engine !!!!!!!!

Try that lot and see how you go Paul
hi there Paul,,it seems to be when i do 3 or 4 short journeys in a row,,i then give it a run so all up to running temp
and it usualy goes back to normal,,yes its the duratec engine
no A/C on mine
it revs about twice tickover speed nothing drastic and then somtimes it sort of hunts revs up and down
could it be the mass air thingy ??
the air filter in clean etc
i will check all pipes etc and see
what a caper :)

Ok even if its cold wouldnt expect the revs to be that high,can you advise what the revs are at when you start from cold ?
so I think it will be an issue with the throttle body holding revs up for some reason

I will try and get you some more info but as I said you could do with getting the errors checked .Air mass issue would normally give you poor engine performance ,therefore if its runnig ok then I doubt it will be that either,Paul

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