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Full Version: Bought Castrol Magnatec 5-30 For Vauxhalls By Mistake. Will It Be Ok For My Focus
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Hi Dudes

Halfords have a great offer on 4l castrol magnatec 5-30 for £17.50

Well i went and purchased a tub and didnt realise i picked up the Vauxhall/Opel type

Should i take it back and swop it or is there any difference at all

Can,t see there being a difference they dont just make that type of oil just for vauxhalls/opel then another for fords and another for say mazda but they do use different labels on products so that they can charge different prices duping you into thinking this is better than that and it will all be from the same tank there very clever oil companies in how they market products .
should be ok to uses
It's unlikely there's a significant difference, but you never know.

For Castrol to rebrand the same oil in different versions costs them money (printing different labels, different stock lines in their warehouse etc - it may not be much but there will be a cost) so they must be doing it for a genuine reason. Otherwise why wouldn't the label say "Suitable for Ford AND Vauxhall"?

Might be worth checking on Castrol's website or giving their customer services a call. If the bottle is unopened Halfords will almost certainly do a swap at no cost.
trust me i know i work for one of the major manufactures
it will do all the ford ranges from petrol to diesel just checked castrols site the only difference is the amount you need and the change intervals but i can use what you have on my ti vct petrol
The Vauxhall oil is the long life stuff. Vauxhall have service intervals of around 20000 miles, even on diesels. :o I can't see it doing any harm really.
[quote name='jay1981' timestamp='1333983513' post='176832']
The Vauxhall oil is the long life stuff. Vauxhall have service intervals of around 20000 miles, even on diesels. :o I can't see it doing any harm really.
So maybe we should all start using the long-life Vauxhall oil then!
its not the oil if you check castrols site the same oil is used for all the cars however its recomended i change the oil on mxm ti vct at 10k miles or every year the diesel foci its 12.5k or every year. each manufacturer is different so its not long life it still states for vauxhall the max mileage or every year.

from having fixed many a vauxhall mainly those that arent serviced regularly the oil was always stinking and like water they say 20k but it does more harm than good in my experience

every year will do fine though on my mk1 i had oil and filter every 6 months

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