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Full Version: 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Reversing Sensors
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The wife has a 1400cc Focus style 2008 model and the reverse sensors have stopped working.

Sometimes they would beep when nothing was near other times they would be fine and then recently when you selected reverse you got a beep and now nothing at all.

My first thought was bad sensor and or wiring? but not sure where to start hunting.

Ideas people please.


hi mate,
could be a loose connection in the reverse sensor control box or a faulty sensor,
the reverse sensor control unit should be fitted behind one of the side panels inside the boot,
see my guide on installing an additional boot light in the list of guides below this post,
that guide will show you how to remove the inside panels and then you can gain access to the reverse sensor unit,

perhaps try to remove the plug for each of the sensors then reconnect it and try the reverse to see if this works,
also trace the loom for the revers bulb and see if the connection that goes from the control unit to the reverse light loom has a loose connection because the sensors use the reverse bulb voltage to activate the sensors,

all this should be on the left hand side of the boot panel and the reverse loom cables with the sensor connection is their too.

if you cant fix them mate, pree has done a guide on fitting an aftermarket set, and since the aftermarket kits are around £50
i reckon you would be cheaper to buy an aftermarket set if you cant fix the current ones yourself because ford would probably charge more than £50 to have a look at it, if you cant find the fault,

but sounds like a loose connection or a faulty control unit.
Right, finally managed to get the car off the wife.Found the module., Drivers side in the boot is the module.

Can this be tested in some way? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the module?
Have you checked the wiring underneath , maybe a stone flipped up and damaged the wiring.
As Lenny said it may be cheaper to buy an aftermarket set rather then pay to have it fixed , they start from £12 on Ebay a little more and you can have them colour coded.
Try placing a finger on each sensor in turn while the car is in reverse with the ignition on but engine not running. Each sensor should click about once every second. If one or more is not clicking then you will have found the problem.
Right. As Reesmew suggested. I put the car in reverse with the engine not running and listened to the each sensor and all bar one is clicking.Maybe more than one click per second. I unplugged the one that isn't clicking but the still the same. What I do get is a long beep when going into reverse for the first time.. Does the reversing system need all sensors to connected for the system to work ?

I would rather not fit an after-market system as we paid good money to have a factory fit system.
[quote name='Preee' timestamp='1335796337' post='180254']
Have you checked the wiring underneath , maybe a stone flipped up and damaged the wiring.


Wiring looks OK to me.

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