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Full Version: Newbie Saying Hello!
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Hi All

New to the forum, had a few fords over the years fist was a 86 XR2, then an 89 XR3i then I switched to the dark side, Company Vauxhall and other makes for many years then in 2001 I treated my self to a new 51 plate Mondeo Zetec in Amparo Blue fantastic car and now I have a 55 plate focus.
I have joined to clear up a few reasons the first is my lock for the bonnet of my focus will not open and i am hopping there is a how to on here or some one can point me in the right direction and the second thing is next year I am planning to buy a nearly new Mondeo 2.2 Titanium x, Manual, White, And was wondering is there anything to look out for? ie long term problems?

Look forward to chatting
Cheers Greg
Hi Welcome. Of course you are planning to buy a manual car. Is there any other type? lol
[quote name='GIBRALTAR FIESTA' timestamp='1334752595' post='178308']
Hi Welcome. Of course you are planning to buy a manual car. Is there any other type? lol


Well these days every ones likes Auto's and flappy paddle things! and I have to admit when i lived in London I to had an auto due to the stop and start nature of the traffic jams! lol
But no in my eyes a real drivers car is Manual, mind you saying that playing turismo on the PS3 with a seat, wheel and pedals is bloody good fun with the flappy paddles too!

I see prices of current models dropping like stones when the new model comes out next year!

Cheers Greg
Colin Heath
Hi! I've had automatics for the last few years, but plumped for a manual this time and finding the fester great fun to drive. I'm sure I'll miss the auto in traffic jams though!
[color="#0000FF"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"]Hi welcome[/font][/size][/color] :)

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