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Full Version: Coolant Leak Found I Think (Broken Down)
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There I was broken down on the motorway, luckily at a service stop.

Basically driving along listening to my wham cd (joking) there was some clouds of smoke coming from the bonnet, pulled over conviniently in a fast approaching service stop. Opened the boner up and the top of the boner just to the right of where the coolant tank is was wet and about 1 inch of coolant missing. A few wet marks on the black zetec cover infront of spark plug one. It did not overheat either.

Called the rac 90 mins later he has a look couldn't find anything obvious, got the engine hot still nothing said he thinks its the waterpump, the coolant was splat around from being on the belt. But the pump was bone dry and not doing it again which he said didn't make sense but was adamant it was the bearings. Also he said there is a humming noise coming from the eater pump area pointing to about to fail this is a warning.

He said it wad fine to drive. I drove it 90 miles on the motorway he followed me 10 miles pulled me over no lose of coolant and all fine so drove hone no problems, temp fine no further loss of coolant.

Do you think its likely to be the pump ?

I think ill book it in now, I'm using up my 9 lives.
faulty pressure cap releasing the pressure too early rather than a leak i suspect change the cap and see what happens its way cheaper and easier than a pump
lol great minds think alike it would be my first port of call having had it with a fiat garage wanted 700 claiming a head gasket a decent garage put a 5quid cap on and problem sorted.
I decided to book it in at my trusty garage to check it over to be sure. It's with then now dropped it in this morning, no news yet.

If its just the cap that will be a result. I thought before it let's me down badly ill get them onto check it over.

Usually they would have called by now but no word, its booked in for 2 days but they usually find the fault and if they get the part and fix it same day or day after.

Let's hope its nothing too bad.

I probably should have changed the cap but I thought it may be something else and worth getting it checked out by the folks who know.

Will post their findings if they get back to me today.

Garage just called. Leaky water pump.

Also I asked them to check cambelt condition and he said it was quite wirn and is due to be changed next near. But as uts with them I said go ahead and change it.

He Said it will cost 130 labour and 102 for genuine kit. 232 is this a reasonable price (they are a ford specialist)
referring to youre other post its a kit that was fitted so not just a belt and tensioner
[quote name='soulman123' timestamp='1334789289' post='178456']


"Opened the boner up and the top of the boner just to the right of where the coolant tank is was wet"

Nowt worse mate! :blink:

I'd check the "cheap" bits first... The pressure cap on my header tank wasn't sealing on my focus (in fact it had split in two i noticed on it's removal) I was losing about a litre of coolant per week up until the cap finally gave way and broke in two upon removal.

Personally i'd replace the cap, top up, (don't forget to bleed the system) Then take it from there before i chucked money at it...
Apologies, just read the rest of the thread... water pump is goosed :huh:
Bigdaddycain that's good advice, if I hadn't got it checked I would have done that as its a.possibility and cheapest. *thumbs up*

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