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Full Version: My Cars Broken And I Need Help
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Hi, i have a ford focus 1.8 tdci (2004 model)
Over the past 2 weeks the car has been cutting out of me randomly while driving. The heater coil light starts flashing and the engine just cuts out, i have changed my fuel filter for an official ford product and i have had my battery changed also as we thought the original fault lay with the battery.
The car has been tested via a diagnostics machine and all seemed to show up fine..
When we changed the fuel filter for the second time we noticed that the engine had air in the fuel system which was stopping the car from starting up properly. The engin was then drained of air by the mechanic that i was using and the car ran fine for 2 days, today on the way back from work the car did it again, this time the engine popped when it cut out. but then restarted again after about 5 minutes.

can anybody enlighten me to this as i have noticed alot of people on other forums have been saying its the cam sensor. but this showed up as fine on the test. its really stressing my out now as i just want it to work.
[size=4][b]If there was air found in the fuel system, you should be asking why ? It may have been down to replacing the fuel filter, but if it wasn't then you could have a split in a pipe that is leaking fuel/or drawing in air..... I had the same problem on my fiesta, and it was a thorn in my side for months, wouldn't start in the morning, then randomly cut out at times. I searched and searched, and finally found a 'pin head' hole in one of the fuel lines under the bonnet, and im not kidding when I say pin hole, it was tiny, changed the section of pipe, and hey presto,,,, problem solved. Hope you get the problem solved soon.[/b][/size]
ive checked all the fuel lines and all seem fine. i didnt know if it was any residual air thats left somewhere in the system causing it, or because its a new fuel filter, dirt from the fuel clogging it somewhere. would it be worth running some cleaner through the engine?

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