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Full Version: Mk3 Tyre Wear On 18's
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Just wondered how peoples tyres are wearing on the 18" wheels. I have 21,500 miles on car now and to be honest the car is almost ready for a set of 4. All tyres have worn fairly evenly with slightly more on the rears as is to be expected.
I would say 21k out of a set of tyres is good
Provided the wear is even across the tread, then its got to be the type of driving the car does. 21k for some cars is good, but Ive had over 30k with tread to spare before now.
I'd be happy with that on the fronts, maybe expect a few more on the rears!, as btmaldon states it depends on how you drive, accelerate away, type of tyre, brand etc! I had a set of continental 18"s on my mk2.5 focus (although i was 2nd owner) had to change fronts at 17k, got 20k+ on the rears.
Just had the old vernier caliper out (being completely Anal I know!!)
Both fronts - 2 / 2.5 / 3 from outside to inside, both rears 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 from outside to inside so generally very even wear all round.
Hi, all this sounds good as my car has only done 2.3k miles so I am looking at replacing the tyres in about two years time from getting the car LOL. Better than my Mk4 Mondeo where the fronts wore out after 7k :o
That wear sounds about right i'd say... Around these parts tyres are damaged beyond repair WAY before they wear the tread out... :huh:
4x Goodyear Eagle F1's fitted today so I'll review them compared with the OEM Michelins after a few miles yet. Would have cost £183.00 each to Joe Public from KwikFit so that would've been a hard pill to swallow !!
Hi, I'll be interested if you've any tramlining as 18" tyres have a reputation for this. The original Conti's on my Mondeo were terrible, however the Michelin's on the focus aren't too bad at all.
Depending on the road conditions, I found the Michelins would tram line anyway more than other cars I've had (admittedly with up to 17" wheels).

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