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Full Version: Ford Focus Mk2 Starting Troubles
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Hi Guys,
If you read any of my other topics you'll see that my wife and I have a bit of trouble sometimes getting our Focus started. It is a 2006, LX, MK2, Automatic.
IF it going to be troublesome it will do any of the following:
1. (Most Common), Starts and then Dies. Will normally start 2nd or 3rd time of asking.
2. Starts on about half power (500 revs), then within a few seconds powers up properly and stays running.
3. Does not start at all. All dash lights etc come on, just no crank/turn over at all. Starts normally 2nd or 3rd time.
4. (Least Common) Car does about 1/2 (half) a crank and nothing after. Dash lights on etc as normal. Starts 2nd or 3rd time).

First was recommened to have a look at the IAC, which after much research found out that our car doesn't actually have an IAC Valve.
Second, I cleaned the Throttle Body out with Wynn's Carb/Air Intake cleaner. Improved as such the problem is now abou every 5 days, rather then every 2 days. It wasn't caked in dirt but was very black and oily/grimey looking. Also cleaned the butterfly valve/plate too. The large air intake manifold pipe looks nice and clean and the air filter looks good too. I've also been told that the oil filter looks in very good condition. I also ran some injector cleaner through a couple of weeks ago.
No check engine/engine management lights are on and no codes stored (have had someone out to do the diagnostic check). Battery is a few months old and also fine.

After much research (and driving the missus mad with it too), I have read all sorts of problems that it could or could not be.

I think the fuel filter is part of the actual tank on the MK2, so not easy to find. I've also read something about water ingress into the spark plugs. Now it rained very heavily on my way home yesterday, so thought that might be what caused the trouble this morning (number 4 on the list) as I heard that the screen washer jets leak a considerable amount of rain water through, which then leaks onto/around/into the spark plugs. Some are horror stories at the trouble people have had with this, all sue to poor design of the washer jets placement and positioning of the spark plugs.

Is there anything I can do with my very limited mechanical knowledge to check for water in the spark plugs (I don't know how to remove them), or anything anyone else can recommend other than wait for it to fail completely and then go to the mechanics? I did also wonder if better quality petrol (BP Ultimate or the like) may help anything blocked/clogged up aswell as the overall performance.


Kev just a thought seeing that you mention your air filter looks clean this was part of the problem on my tdci if youd have looked at it as i dids you would of said it was ok but was at a loss to what was causing my problem so left it out and it cured a big part of the problem on closer inspection of the filter it appeared that underneath it had water ingress or got damp somehow causing it to lack breathabilty its just a thought and not expensive to replace next time you have trouble starting it try just unhooking the air box lid if it helps it or starts almost next try could be the culprit what appears normal might not always be so
[quote name='kevws77' timestamp='1334919025' post='178690'] Is there anything I can do with my very limited mechanical knowledge to check for water in the spark plugs [/quote]

Read this "find fault and fix " thread I did back in October 2010 [url=""]Water in Plugs Ports Issue, With Pictures[/url] my plug ports have been dry ever since.

Just pull one plug lead off, and if it is covered in a brown coating you have the problem. It was a fault on early build MK2's and with you having an 06 reg you could have it.
from past experience the list was

iac faulty
incorrect type of batterxm ie it wasnt a silver calcium battery
leak from the throttle body rubber seal perished
pcm update required done by ford as a last result
leaky injector should see evidence of fuel leakage
coil pack failing this wont throw up codes
plug gap incorrect 1.3mm instead of 1mm
issue with the auto gearbox software
water in the plugs

its a nightmare to diagnose when its not obvious
Thanks guys. Just managed to have a check of one of the HT leads. Pulled number 1 out and it has the brown/yellowy dried rusty crud all over it (just like the photo in catch's superb thread). Looked into the well/spark plug area and that area looks rusty too. Not too bad and it is dry, so i'm hoping whatever water gets in there, when driven for a reasonable time it dries/burns off. Going to have a look at some silicone for the screen wash jets on the bonnet as I can push these up and out from the underside of the bonnet very easily. I'll give it a try (when it next stops sheeting it down for any length of time). If not, I have read that there is a cover you can buy from Volvo that fit's on to this, so who knows. It may or may not be the cause(s) of the problem, but at least I'll be able to rule if out regardless due to the fantastic members on this forum :D
dont bother with the cover it doesnt work you can buy revised washer jets with the larger seals from ford or even ebay the silicone for me did not work it still leaked so new revised jets and that was that all done you can get any of these

says 2011 but fits all foci

non heated

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