At school in 1962 we were given a Ford prefect side valve engine to strip and rebuild. This was tremendous fun and we stripped / re built it many many times. I think the record was 30 mins to re build from a box of bits.
1968 my Ford Anglia 998cc OHV engine was removed from my Anglebox and refurbished in the kitchen over the Christmas period.
1973 and a Kent series 1300 OHV was rebuilt with new bearings, oil pump and valve springs. It was a great engine to work on.
1979 and this time its my brothers 1.6 Capri auto that gets reground crank, oil pump and drive shaft, Cords rings, valve springs and carb recon kit, water pump and timing belt. One of the best engines I have ever worked on. I still have the cyl head spline tool.
Thats the end of the dirty hands now for FoMoCo engines in the design drawing office. I worked on the Ford Lean burn engine, I worked on Ford tractor gearbox tooling. I worked on inspection tools for Ford of Cologne. I also did design work for Jaguar for the cryogenic insertion of the valve seats in the ally cyl heads. I then went to RR and worked on turbine blades but not so much fun as a petrol engine!