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Full Version: passenger footwell wet
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I have a 55 plate Streetka

Under the rubber mat at the passenger side the footwell is wet. The dampness seems to be coming up from underneath and I have checked around door and dash but everything else seems to be dry.

I tried to dry it out best I could last weekend when I found the problem and put newspaper under the mat and today have found it is soaking again.

Can anyone advise on what could be causing this?
Not 100% sure on the Ka but this is a common problem on the Focus and Mondeo so cant see why Kas should miss out. Pollen filter been changed recently??
most likely pollen filter look here for infomation how to check or change

Thanks for input.

My car is being dropped off at garage tonight for mot and 3rd service tomorrow. Do you know if pollen filter is service item and would this be covered under warranty getting problem resolved?
the filter is a service item, if ford changed it last service you could try the 'it was not fitted correctly last time route' and see what they say.
I've got a feeling I asked last time if it had been changed and was told no - it was an advisory item??

Not sure if I am remembering this info correctly!

ALthough car now 3 years old has only done 11000 miles

Just away to head there so will see what they say!!
Car now been in and surprise surprise problem still exists!

On a visual health check bit of paper it had a x against pollen filter in amber column with writing against it saying - advise pollen filter

I did not get any service paperwork/invoice showing items checked for service and on the invoice I did receive for mot it has the following information relating to the footwell dampness:

inspected pollen filter etc - dry
checked air con drain for leaks - ok
no points of water ingress detected at time of check

I asked the service advisor had the pollen filter been changed as visual check shows 'advise' and I said I thought that it was a service item.
When he returned I was told that it had been changed.

When I called today and informed them that the dampness in the passenger footwell was as bad as before this time I told that the pollen filter would not have been changed and i was asked what service car had been in for. I said that it was the 3rd one, the big service and I was sure that pollen filter was in service book as a scheduled maintenance item. I was told that as I had a service 'package' it would not have been replaced.

He could not tell me 100% if it has or not been changed so will call me back tomorrow!!

I have checked car again tonight and am convinced it is coming from underneath and is definitely in a central position of floor not beside door or at front of footwell near dashboard.

With regards to my warranty which runs out this week which is why car was in last week for any repairs needing seen to would I be covered under warranty as I reported this fault and garage has had the car in before warranty end date?

On another website forum someone suggested the heater matrix being bunged up and causing problems with dampness and at the garage someone has told me if it is that then it would be covered under warranty but if not I will have to pay for their time to check it out. I have already paid for their time last week - can they charge me again for the same fault diagnosis?

Help anyone!

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