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Full Version: Strange Bubbling Sound From Car
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I have had nothing but trouble since my car went into a garage to have the head gasket done, due to it over heating. This garage caused more problems than when it went in.

It was running rough and had no power, I had to have a new ignition coil fitted. It turned out this garage took my ignition coil off and replaced it with a broken one from an older model.

For the last week I have noticed a noise like a bubbling sound coming from the car, it is towards the back of the engine. I have checked the water bottle, it isn't bubbling or holding to much pressure. I haven't a clue as to what it would be and am the end of my tether with the car, I just don't know what could be wrong now. :(

Please can someone offer me any advice again :)
all three times that i have had this noise, it has resulted in head gasket failure.(last one being in my old saxo vtr) is the noise more prominent when the car is first started? And does it sound like the bubbles get faster when you touch the accelerator pedal?
May be worth keeping an eye on the oil cap for mayo,or might be worth getting some one to check the headgasket for you
Sounds like air in the heater matrix, the cooling system needs a proper bleed, if not done this could lead to overheating and possible headgasket faliure
ok that is a very scary reply, as I spent £500 about 3 weeks ago getting a new head gasket fitted :(

I hope it is only something like the heater matrix. Please can you tell me how I bleed it. I wouldn't know where to begin.
Sounds like they didn't purge the air properly when they did the gasket.
Usually to get the air out you just need to leave the coolant tank cap off and run the car up to warm to allow air to burp out of the tank.
Squeezing the pipes repeatedly can also help to push the air out to the tank, just please remember that the water will warm up quickly and may spit out of the open cap.
Probably better to ask a friendly mechanic (or someone you don't like that much :P) to do it for you as you don't want to risk getting scalded.
There could be bleed points on the high points of the cooling system
lol Clive, I will ask my husband to do it!!! :)

Thank you for the advice, fingers crossed it is only air.

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