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Full Version: Nearside Front Sidelight Constantly Failing
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Every year I have to replace my nearside front sidelight on my Escort Finesse (year 2000) before the car's MOT, yet the offside sidelight is the same one that the car came with, as indeed are all the other bulbs. In fact, it's been more than once a year because one year, I spotted the failed bulb and changed it too soon--it failed again before the MOT date!

Is that side of the car particularly prone to vibration or heat, which could cause mechanical failure? What else could be causing this problem? I've thought about it being an intermittent electrical connection (the repeated shock of "off&on" causing large inrush currents) but we're only talking about a small bulb here. The inrush surely can't be that big, not like start-up currents in motors!

Many thanks for your thoughts.
Could be a poor connection try cleaning the contacts and the earth point
as ubove an if that dont work get a volt meter an test voltage of both sides if they give diffarent readinds then you need to start tracing the loom for breakages or wear.....


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