I got my 12 plate ford fiesta last week in white, its my first car. I'm loving it so far but just a few questions i have about it and wonder if anyone can help

See the miles bit next to speedo how do you change it so that is shows the degrees outside and how many miles till the petrol needs filled, i checked the hand book and it said there is a push in button thats says trip on the left indicator but that is not in my car, maybe because its a new 12 plate ? anyone help ?

Can you turn up the lighting inside the car ?

On my friends fiesta he has lights under the front that come on when the doors open, iv noticed mines hasnt got this, the reason i wanted them was because my friend has changed the bulb in them so they are different colour than normal and it looks really good at night. Anyone think how i can put some red lights somewhere inside the car ? because it looks really good at night.

Thanks All