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Full Version: New Ford Ka Fuel Cap
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We have a new Ford Ka Edge two weeks old tomoz. Went to fill it with petrol and when I inserted the key in the fuel cap and removed it the doors locked! Never had that before and wasnt aware it was going to happen either. Now when I took delivery I was given a key code and an electronic key code. Should I have been given a radio code too? The radio isnt a hi-tec radio. Thanks Dave.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Are you sure you didn't occidentally push the lock button on the key fob as you unlocked the fuel cap, the buttons are a bit hair trigger, I regularly lock the doors by accident as I remove the key from the ignition.[/font][/size][/color] :huh: [color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Yes you should have a radio code, it may be in the audio handbook.[/font][/size][/color]
Perhaps I did but I dont think I did though. The best way is to do it again (when it stops raining) and see. Thanks DD.
[size=3]Hi Dave, Had the same problem, when filling up, I found kept hitting the lock button on remote, when trying to relock the petrol cap, which in itself, is a pain, a fiddle of a job.[/size]
Yep it was me catching the 'Lock' button.
I didn't think locking petrol caps were necessary anymore due to the anti siphon fuel pipes. Besides if they want your fuel don't they just cut the pipes these days?
I think locking petrol caps are a comforter to the owner, thats all.

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