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Full Version: Door Locks
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hiya all is the transponder held in the car or the ignition barrel as im thinking of changeing it and the drivers door lock as the key is badly worn can get new set from my scrapper for £25 and thats with the key thanks all
The transponder chip is in the key fob and is removable.
The transponder receiver is a ring around the ignition barrel and does not make physical contact with the key.
so would i use the transponder in the new key when i have changed over the inginition over thanks
Is the ignition worn too?
If not just take your worn key to Ford and they will read the code and then you can get a new blade cut.
I assume as your car is a 2000 the key is a Tibbe one like this?


If so they can get your key code by eye.

The transponder chip for your reference is housed at the top of the key fob, It's in a rubber sleeve inside a tube and is removed by gently pushing up on it from below with a small screwdriver.
(Inside the bump at the top of the fob in this picture)-

thats the key didnt realise that ford could read the key and cut a new one thanks
[quote name='ade01' timestamp='1335591005' post='179904']
thats the key didnt realise that ford could read the key and cut a new one thanks
Indeed they can.
It's to do with the angles of the cuts.
It ranges from 0 for no cut to 4 for the steepest cut.
Can't do it myself but any good mechanic should be able to.
ok my owners guide says to turn the key to postion 2 four times as i have never done this i only have the 3 button key does it matter and can i do it with this also will the key lose any of its programing sorry to sound a bit thick but electrics are not my strong point i have a new 3 button key from the scrap yard with its locks thanks all ade
The key turning process you posted will only programme the key to your central locking.
The process for programming the transponder chip in the key (which deactivates the immobiliser) is dependent on two distinct keys already programmed to your ECU.
The process would be first key to II and back, second key to II and back then new key the same.
With only one active key you would have to programme a second key via the OBD port using a proper coder.
As I stated previously, places will clone keys but you would not be able to programme any further keys yourself.
The two key coding sequence was basically so that hire/fleet companies could add up to 6 keys to a car but using the original keys could also deauthorise spare keys in the case or them being retained/lost/stolen.
An auto locksmith could supply, cut and code a transponder only key and take about 20 minutes to do so.
Further to your post, the battery inside the key is purely for the central locking.
The transponder chip is unpowered.
It is programmed via proximity to the ring around the outside of the ignition barrel and will not lose it's programming.
It is exactly like a dog chip as fitted by vets and works on resonance to a specific radio wave.

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