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Full Version: Ford Focus Stock Stereo Help.
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Hi guys im hoping that one of you very smart people can please help me with a problem i've been having, my car is a 2000 1.8 climate zetec focus estate - i recently attempted to install a new stereo to my system (ALPINE FLIP SCREEN) half way through the install the radio wouldnt come on at all peviously working realising that i didnt have enough time to fix this i decided to put the stock radio back in until i had time, so i put my stock radio back in entered the code and didnt think anymore to it, i came to my car the day after and noticed when i turned my car on the stereo didnt turn on until i pressed the button, also when i took the igntion keys out the radio stayed on? Im abit of a novice when it comes to stereos i can install by following diagrams thats about it any ideas on this problem, when i switch it on even with the ignition keys in it comes up with the 1 HOUR ONLY notice on the stereo, also ive noticed since this problem my rear windscreen di-mister flashes on then straight off, if anybody could please help i would greatly appreciate it thankyou in advance Leigh
You may of just knocked a wire or something, i would take it all out spend some time on it, then make sure everything is seated correctly
Thanks for the reply where would you suggest i start sorry i dont know loads about the wiring would i just wiggle the wires around abit? how would i know if something was wrong, thanks Foster.
not sure but my car is similar. the 1 hr thing is to stop your battery from going flat.
try to install your stereo again but be careful and try not to trap any wires. you may have also blown a fuse on the stereo - why it didnt come on.
not sure about the demister light....

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