I have a Ford Focus 5dr 1.6 Zetec SE Automatic on a Y reg (2001) and recently, it has developed a problem? and I am genuinly stuck now as I popped it down to my local garage and had it on one of those diagnostic tools that reads codes but it has no fault codes what so ever, nothing on the engine or the gearbox and no warning lights are on the dash either (Engine Managment or the Gearbox) ???

Basically, Its not driving as it should, it seems to be making more noise than mph now as when your driving and pressing the accelerator it just does not seem to go as id should, it does not meatter if I have the overdrive button on or off either, its all the same.

I feel really cheesed off and upset if I'm honest. If it was a vacume cleaner I would say that someone had cut the suction pipe (still works but not nearly as good as it should be) as I would liken it as still driving but with only half the power.

Do the auto's have issues? or have you heard of this before? as it does not feel safe to me anymore, especially when on the motorway as I dare not overtake anyone as its all noise and no go. I can still get it upto 80mph only on a gradual basis (I wont take it over that though) but if I was in a lane and wanted to overtake, I doubt it would as its all noise now, if you have any thoughts, I would be really greatful.

Chris + Family