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Full Version: Wheels Stuck!!!!!
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Hi all.
First time poster here so hope this goes well!!!
I've just got my 1st focus about 2 months ago,06 plate. Decided i'd take the wheels off and give them a good clean,but after removing the wheelnuts the wheels are stuck.......all 4 of them!!! I gave them a good shake....the best i dare do with the car being on the jack.....but not a sign of movement!!
Now whether i'm missing the obvious and there is a secret wheel nut to remove that i cant find i just dont know........anybody got any ideas?????
Thanks in advance
You need to sit on your bum and give the wheels a good kick on each side. They should work loose. Then before refitting put some copper slip or a moly based grease on them.
Alloys often seize on to the hubs a good tap with a rubber mallet should free them off
Or wallop the centre with a rubber mallet.
thanks for the prompt replies!!
i tried the rubber mallet and gave them a good kick but was a bit worried about the car slipping off the jack.....maybe i`ll try again and give 'em a bit of stick then !!
tyler s
Try this,loosen wheel nuts a few turns then drive the car forwards and backwards slowly brake hard,jack it up and have another go.Let us no how u get on
On 2 occasions i have had to use a sledge hammer and a piece of wood, normally sitting down kicking the wheel on either side works. not really advisable to do this on a jack though. My local tyre fitter seems to be doing this everytime im in :lol: a bit of copper grease on the hub before you refit the wheel will help you out next time

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