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Full Version: Engine Oil - Diesel Engine
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Hello, I've just bought a Fiesta 1.4 TDCI which was registered in 07/2010, it's got 10,700 miles on it and it's previous owner used the motobility scheme. I bought it from a reputable chain and 2 questions I asked before buying it were does it have a full service history and when was it last serviced. I was told that if it was a motobiluty car it would have been serviced because that it paid for by Ford, but that the schedule would have been sent back to ford when the car was sold. They also told me that it was serviced before being advertised.
When i got the car home and looked at the service log, there wasnt a service stamp in it so basically i have no service history, I have contacted them and they are looking into it, but i'm worried about the state of the engine oil, as its black, is this normal on a diesel engine?, it obviously hadnt been recently serviced after all, so if the previous owner got it serviced it would have been approx. 7 months ago. This is obviously the first deisel i've owned

You tend to find that unless a purge was done with the oil change (they do this in America at while you wait oil change stations) then there is enough residual old oil in the system and crap in the sump to make your new oil black very shortly.
I'd go more on the condition of the oil filter which I personally find a better indicator.
Saying that, a service is always a good idea.
I'd jump all over them for the service history though.
If they sold it to you saying it is a full one then they must provide the evidence to back that up.
as above.i tend to find that diesel engine oil goes black quickly, i wouldnt worry about this though
Thanks for the replies, that has settled my nerves slightly, all I need now is them to sort out my service history
When I bought our new Ka two weeks ago it came with a service book with up to ten years of service history to record. I bought a second hand Citroen ZX 1.9 TD in 1989 from main Citroen dealer and this was supposed to have been serviced. I took it back the next day and oil, filter, puncture all fixed for me. It took a month for the oil to go black and that was after 400 miles. Look at the outside condition of the fitted oil filter, does it look new to you? You will need the service schedule when you come to sell the car so get this fully stamped. Sorry but I think they have been telling you porkies.
Took a month to go black on a diesel I find that hard to believe, ive had deisels for the last 15 years and allways do my own oil and filter changes the oil goes black in miniutes in my experience
O.k thanks, it's a hard one to call as to whether it has been recently serviced, but i'm glad that the replies have stated that it is normal for the oil to turn black.
My main concern is the lack of service history, which they say they are looking into, but I wont give up until I have the proof that it has it's first annual service, as i'm sure this invalidates the ford warranty
[quote name='pragmatix' timestamp='1335731134' post='180160']
Took a month to go black on a diesel I find that hard to believe, ive had deisels for the last 15 years and allways do my own oil and filter changes the oil goes black in miniutes in my experience
I have owned diesel cars since 1986 and have changed the oil every 3k filter every year as I was commuting Bournemouth to Poole. I used Coma diesel oil from motor factors at work which was cheap, trade price too.
macap48 Go to your local Ford dealer, with your log book & service record and ask them to check their service records for your car. These should be a national record as the car is still under warranty. I take it you didnt buy from a Ford dealer.
Hi Dave D, no I didnt buy from a Ford dealer, I will give that a go once I get my log book through, thanks
Your welcome, Ford will have all the details for your car on their system. The Ford mobility scheme still requires the service book to be signed and stamped, unless the owner presented the car [i]without[/i] the booklet.

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